July 28, 2019 all-day

The Sixth Sunday after Trinity


Proper 12
Sunday between 24 and 30 July inclusive
Principal Service
Hosea 1.2-10
Psalm 85*
Colossians 2.6-15[16-19]
Luke 11.1-13
Genesis 18.20-32
Psalm 138
Colossians 2.6-15[16-19]
Luke 11.1-13

Third Service
Psalm 95
Song of Solomon 2 or
1 Maccabees 2.[1-14]15-22
1 Peter 4.7-14

Second Service
Psalm 88*
Genesis 42.1-25
1 Corinthians 10.1-24
Gospel at Holy Communion:
Matthew 13.24-30[31-43]

BCP Collect

O God, who hast prepared for them that love thee such good things as pass man’s understanding; Pour into our hearts such love toward thee, that we, loving thee above all things, may obtain thy promises, which exceed all that we can desire; through Jesus Christ our Lord.