To: Clergy and People
From: The Bishop
2nd October, 2020


Dengue Fever

I am asking you to share the attached information tips for preventing dengue and tips to protect children with as much people as possible and that together we may do our best to prevent the breeding of Mosquitoes and the spread of Mosquito borne· diseases.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines there are 514 confirmed cases and six deaths from Dengue Fever this year. The last report I had from Grenada there were 118 confirmed cases and in St. Lucia 503 confirmed cases.

Let us pray for God’s guidance as we respond to this disease and for those who have contracted the disease and their relatives, caregivers, officials of the Ministry of Health in the three states that make up our diocese and for those who have died.


l.have appointed Ms. Rholda Quamina of the Parish of Christ The King Carriacou as Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Education.

The Diocesan Board of Education, shall be responsible to Synod for the formulation of educational policy within the Diocese, for the initiation of educational programmes in !he Parishes and the drawing up of syllabuses o_f Christi<.m Education tor Church Schools.

The Board of Education shall consist of the following members:

(a)     a Chairman appointed by the Bishop.- Ms Rholda Quamina

(b) the Diocesan Director of Education. -Appointed by the Bishop, after consultation with Synod- Mr. Luis de Shong

(c) one Priest from each Archdeaconry elected by the ls and Church Council concerned. – The Rev’d Canon Ashton Francis -SVG, Archdeacon Michael Marshall .-GND and Archdeacon Christian Glasgow-SLU.

(d) two lay peopfe from each Archdeaconry elected by the Island Church Council concerned.- Mrs.Judy Weekes and Ms.Clara Campbeii-SVG, Mrs.Curleen Marshall and Mrs.Jennifer Rodney-Lewis-GND and Ms. Esther Brathwaite and Mrs. Monica Barnard-SLU.

With every good wish and God’s blessings!

Yours sincerely

The Rt. Rev’d C. Leopold Friday
Bishop of the Windward Islands