To: Clergy and People
From: The Bishop
5th September, 2019

Hurricane Dorian – The Bahamas

The Rt. Rev’d Laish Boyd has informed that Hurricane Dorian, struck The Bahamas at Abaco on Saturday 31st  August, 2019, as a category 5 system. On Sunday 1st September Dorian struck Grand Bahama, slowing right down to 1m.p.h. and, for a time, being stationary.

New Providence Island, where Nassau is, and where he lives, had rain, wind, flooding in low areas, and some loss of power, but nothing to speak about. Other islands, like Bimini and The Berry Islands, had rain and high wind.

He said it was sheer agony and deeply worrying to wait for the system to leave the jurisdiction, which it did earlier yesterday morning. He had not heard from many of the clergy in the two islands but, since Tuesday, he has been hearing of or hearing from most of them.

H.e stated that Dorian is a monster storm, unprecedented and extensive. Dorian visited an historic tragedy upon these islands: the devastation has been catastrophic, such as has never been seen or imagined in these parts.

Images and video in social media have been heartbreaking. He had the opportunity to fly over Marsh Harbour in South Abaco on Tuesday. (He wanted to go to North Abaco and on to Grand Bahama but the winds were too high). The actual damage is incomprehensible.

He will share more information once he is able to get on the ground and make assessments. At this point  all he can say is that Abaco and Grand Bahama have been decimated, there is widespread flooding and standing water, and the damage to buildings and infrastructure is unimaginable. Homes and businesses of members and church property are among these.

He said that most heartbreaking is the humanitarian crisis of the two islands: 65,000 plus persons in upheaval and displacement, suffering and anguished.

At this point  he knows of 7 persons confirmed dead in Abaco. There are more deaths than that between the two islands.  “Please continue to pray for us.” He said.

He further stated that any assistance that we can give would be greatly appreciated.  He will say more about this in due course.

We are deeply saddened and concerned re-the devastation caused by the passing of Hurricane  Dorian over the Bahamas, let us prepare to assist them, I ask that each Parish begin to ask for monetary contributions and that  we continue to pray for them: The Government and people of the Bahamas and Bishop Laish Boyd, clergy and people of the Diocese of the Bahamas.

With every good wish and God’s blessings!

Yours Sincerely

The Rt. Rev’d C. Leopold Friday
Bishop of the Windward Islands