September 29, 2019 all-day

29 September may be observed as the Festival of Michael and All Angels, or as Trinity 15.

If 29 September is observed as the Festival of Michael and All Angels:

Michael and All Angels


Principal Service
Genesis 28.10-17
Psalm 103.19-22
Revelation 12.7-12
John 1.47-51

Revelation 12.7-12
Psalm 103.19-22
Hebrews 1.5-14
John 1.47-51

Third Service
Tobit 12.6-22 or
Daniel 12.1-4
Acts 12.1-11
Morning Psalms
Psalms 34, 150

Second Service
Daniel 10.4-21
Revelation 5
Evening Psalms
Psalms 138, 148

BCP Collect

O everlasting God, who hast ordained and constituted the services of Angels and men in a wonderful order; Mercifully grant that, as thy holy Angels alway do thee service in heaven, so by thy appointment they may succour and defend us on earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord.