To: Clergy and People
From: The Bishop
28th January, 2021


Protocols for Funerals Archdeaconry SVG

As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic especially with the recent spike in the spread of the virus in St. Vincent and the Grenadines it is important for us to continue to act responsibly particularly with regards to funerals which customarily attract large numbers of people. To this end I present the following:

1. Inform the family that only the number of persons recommended by the Health-Services Sub­ Committee of NEMO are allowed to attend funerals.

2. Inform the family that if the numbers are more than the recommended amount, an announcement will be made to this effect and the funeral will not proceed until the recommended number is satisfied.

3. The death announcement must state that only the recommended number of persons can attend the funeral and that it is private. The family should be encouraged to live-stream the funeral service.

4. The funeral agent should be informed of the above.

5. The Family should be asked to submit the names of the persons attending the Funeral along with their address and telephone number.

6. Temperature checks should be taken at the entrance and anyone with a temperature of 38° Celsius or 99° Fahrenheit or over should not attend the funeral and he/she should be encouraged to go to one of the flu clinics.

7. All persons attending funerals should wear mask and sanitize their hands at the entrance.

8. Social/physical distancing of 6ft should be observed.

·9. If any of the above is not followed the funeral service will not proceed.

10. One to nine above can be included in the app.Iication for funerals. (Please state the recommended number of persons recommended by the Health Services Sub-Committee of NEMO in the appropriate place.)

Please be guided accordingly

With every good wish and God’s blessings!

The Rt. Rev’d C. Leopold Friday
Bishop of the Windward Islands