November 30, 2016 all-day

Andrew the Apostle



Principal Service
Isaiah 52.7-10
Psalm 19.1-6
Romans 10.12-18
Matthew 4.18-22

Third Service
Ezekiel 47.1-12 or
Ecclesiasticus 14.20-27
John 12.20-32
Morning Psalms
Psalms 47, 147.1-12

Second Service
Zechariah 8.20-23
John 1.35-42
Evening Psalms
Psalms 87, 96

BCP Collect

Almighty God, who didst give such grace unto thy holy Apostle Saint Andrew, that he readily obeyed the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him without delay; Grant unto us all, that we, being called by thy holy word, may forthwith give up ourselves obediently to fulfil thy holy commandments; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.