December 26, 2016 all-day

Stephen, Deacon, First Martyr



Principal Service
2 Chronicles 24.20-22
Psalm 119.161-168
Acts 7.51-60
Matthew 10.17-22


Acts 7.51-60
Psalm 119.161-168
Galatians 2.16b-20
Matthew 10.17-22

Third Service
Jeremiah 26.12-15
Acts 6
Morning Psalms
Psalms 13, 31.1-8, 150

Second Service
Genesis 4.1-10
Matthew 23.34-39
Evening Psalms
Psalms 57, 86

BCP Collect

Grant, O Lord, that in all our sufferings here upon earth, for the testimony of thy truth, we may stedfastly look up to heaven, and by faith behold the glory that shall be revealed; and, being filled with the Holy Spirit, may learn to love and bless our persecutors, by the example of thy first Martyr Saint Stephen, who prayed for his murderers to thee, O blessed Jesus, who standest at the right hand of God to succour all those that suffer for thee, our only Mediator and Advocate.